Soulja Boy delivered us one of the best soundbites of the year when he yelled, "HUH?! TYGA?! TYYYGA?!" earlier this year when a fan suggested the "Taste" rapper had the biggest comeback of 2018. Tyga, who managed to break the Kardashian curse, was equally amused by the meme. He didn't seem to have any harsh feeling towards Soulja but he shared an Instagram post comparing their streams on Spotify in 2018 (Tyga won by a landslide). Now that the "biggest comeback" debate has blown over, Soulja Boy is looking to land a Tyga verse on his next project.

A collaboration between Tyga and Soulja Boy could be coming soon if the "Floss In The Bank" agrees. The two previously collaborated on the song, "Be Quiet" but we haven't heard much from them since. A video surfaced online recently of Soulja Boy in the studio with a gang of people including Murda Beatz. Soulja boasts that his project will go platinum in his first week but Murda Beatz believes there's something missing from the album that could help Soulja's claim become a reality.

"Aye, you got to put Tyga on the album, though," Murda Beatz told Soulja. The people in the room mimicked Soulja Boy's viral "Tyga?!" moment before Soulja Boy actually agrees to it.

"Man, let's get it," Soulja said with a grin on his face and a blunt in hand. "Call Tyga! Get Tyga on the phone, man."

Peep the clip below.