Soulja Boy effectively regained relevance in 2019 through the power of memes and trolling. He's currently occupying a space that Tekashi 6ix9ine left vacant. Although people still aren't really checking for his music, you can rest assured that Big Draco is bringing in heaps of cash from endorsement deals and solid marketing. The rapper ventured into the world of video gaming, becoming one of the first to launch his own console out of the music industry. He's been all over the news for his viral rant about Tyga and his subsequent "DRAAAAKE?!" sound bite and now, it's time for him to troll the Los Angeles Rams.

Maury Phillips/Getty Images

Anybody watching the game last night can attest to the fact that there was not much going on. It was probably one of the most boring Super Bowl games in recent memory. Fans of defensive forces were likely excited about the low-scoring outcome but casual fans could not have been more disappointed. Soulja Boy voiced his displeasure on Instagram by photoshopping himself onto the field with his infamous Gucci headband and a New England jersey, captioning the pic: "THE RAMSSSSSS?" 

Clearly, Draco was rooting for Tom Brady to clinch another Super Bowl victory. This is becoming a trend. Whenever something or someone makes a fool out of themselves, Soulja will be there to comment.