According to Elon Musk's girlfriend Grimes, rapper Lil Uzi Vert is about to become the first human to legally own a planet. The Eternal Atake superstar is allegedly planning to purchase a giant gas exoplanet that's larger than Jupiter. It's unclear who he's buying the planet from, or if the planet's inhabitants are aware that an American rapper will soon own their land.

Despite Lil Uzi making this historic announcement on Thursday, it seems he's not actually the first person to legally own a planet. Did you forget about SouljaWorld? That's right -- none other than Soulja Boy, the man who was the first to do absolutely everything, claims to have been the first to buy a planet.

"Lil Uzi, you late. N***a, I been had my own planet," said Big Draco on his live stream on Thursday. "You ain't never heard of SouljaWorld? Lil Uzi, you late. I been had my own planet a long time ago. N***a, cut it out. Cut it out, like you was the first rapper to have your own planet. Stop it, n***a, why you cappin' like that? Elon Musk, I been had my own planet, n***a."

There you have it... it turns out Lil Uzi isn't the first rapper to own a planet. What will Soulja Boy claim next?