The boy everyone loves to hate, Soulja Boy, recently talked to XXL about his new movie and his upcoming album, here are some key excerpts...

On His Movie "Soula Boy:The Movie" (what an original name!):

"While I was out in LA, I actually was approached by Peter Spirer, who did Tupac’s Thug Angel, [and] Notorious B.I.G.’s Bigger Than Life. [He] approached me in Los Angeles with the idea for this project, and the way they presented it to me I couldn’t say no. I wanted my story to be told. I’ve been in it for a minute, but I’m still new to the game. It’s like what I did for hip-hop, I definitely want that to be showed. I want my fans to be able to know more about me; the person behind the name.

It goes from the first single, to the “Crank Dat” dance craze, to the YouTube views, to the third album not doing good, to the robberies, to the sold out concerts; tours across the world, Brazil Amsterdam, London, Paris, Tokyo, Japan, the whole United States. It’s just gonna give all the fans just that insight that they lookin’ for. They wanna know as much as they can about they favorite rapper, and that’s what this movie [is] here for."

On His Upcoming Album:

"Me and Busta goin’ in. We was really just coming up with some concepts. With this music I just really wanted to take it to that next level this time."

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