Soulja Boy was among the Malibu residents to endure a scary mudslide along the Pacific Coast Highway. There isn't any doubt, natural disasters of this kind are second nature to Californians. That's what prompted state officials to issue a "Flash Flood Warning" the night before the incident took place.

The entire Ventura County landmass covering Malibu was under strict orders to "move carefully, "particularly in the spot where Soula Boy's automobile lost its footing. Soulja certainly wasn't the only motorists forced into a helpless position, but his presence of mind to use Twitter in the midst of the disaster relief had the desired effect of drawing close attention to the issue, via the Internet.

"Was involved in a very bad car accident last night due to a flash flood and mudslide," he tweeted this morning, after which he scoured Twitter for similar accounts (of solidarity). He was thus able to affect a positive change in his worried mood - later musing that his car was literally "in the ocean" at its veritable tipping point.

Soulja used an image from the flood posted by NBC Los Angeles to illustrate his account of the incident. As a result of Soulja's social media engagement during the evacuation, NBC Los Angeles was able to reach out to him with a genuine message of gratitude. All is well, thanks to Twitter God, oh and state officials who were quick to the draw last night.