A musician by the name of Skrill Dilly is suing Soulja Boy over death threats allegedly uttered to him in a video filmed by the rapper. TMZ reports that Skrill has accused Soulja of threatening to shoot him, pointing towards a clip where Soulja waves a gun and says "I'll kill yo bitch ass."

According to the documents, Skrill has also claimed that Soulja put out a "10,000 bounty on his head," and the mother of his child hasn't let him see his kid since. The doc also says that Skrill has suffered medical problems due to the "fear and stress" of the threats, and is looking for damages and medical expenses.

Apparently, Soulja has claimed that the gun in the video is fake.

The lawsuit comes just one day after Soulja Boy threatened Lil Yachty on Instagram, suggesting he would "slap the shit" out of the rapper.