Who would have thought? Soulja Boy is actually bickering at Kanye West over milk that was spilled some 10 years ago. Hours after watching himself put on a virtuoso performance in the Breakfast Club studio, Soulja relayed his bitterness towardsYeezy in a conversation with Entertainment Tonight.


Apparently, Soulja is still reeling over Yeezy's treatment of Taylor Swift in 2009. If you'll recall, Kanye snatched the mic from a helpless Taylor Swift at the 2019 VMAs. Swift was in the process of delivering an acceptance speech when out nowhere, Kanye staged his infamous coup d'état in reverence of Beyonce Knowles, and in the name of "Black Excellence." The damage was already done.

To my surprise, Soulja might have the slightest fondness for Taylor Swift, but maybe not.. "I would love to get back in the studio with Kanye, but Kanye, you gotta tighten up," Soulja told ET. "I don’t like what you’ve been doing. You run on the stage and you take the mic from Taylor Swift. How disrespectful are you?"


For Soulja Boy, Taylor Swift is but an instrument of war in his affront of another fallen idol. Any attempts at canceling Kanye in 2018 were causally linked to an imbalanced leadership race on the left-right spectrum. In fairness, Soulja Boy doesn't know his left shoe from his right.

But that wasn't all. Soulja would confess to past sins. "I love Kanye. The proof is in the pudding. I'm the reason why Kanye is stuck up and he acts cocky," he added. "Because when I was a 16-year-old kid and I had the number one song in the world with Crank That, I didn’t know who Kanye was." In the early going, Soulja Boy is winning 2019 by the widest of margins. Don't believe everything you think.