Bad news for "Crank That" rapper and producer Soulja Boy today. According to TMZ, the entertainer was just hit with a sentence following a violation of his probation. The latter involves 240 days in jail as well as 265 days of community service. The producer appeared in court last Tuesday to face his fate. His attorney mentioned the artist experienced a remorseful "awakening" during the previous 20 days, but it did not prompt the judge to go any easier on him. While 40 days were credited from the sentence due to time already served, Soulja is due to begin his sentence right away.

The violation of probation stems from earlier this month when the rapper failed to do his court-ordered community service. The Hip Hop star dug himself in a deeper hole once he attempted to falsify evidence that he had completed the said community service. Upon a judge's order, Soulja Boy was immediately taken into custody and has been held without bail since the April 11th arrest. 

To many, the reported incarceration appears to hold a certain karmic influence considering how Soulja Boy bragged about not ending up like Tekashi 6ix9ine. The comments made on his infamous interview with The Breakfast Club specified: "I wouldn't wish that on nobody but at the same time, I'm not impressed 'cause nigga all you did is what I did, but you ain't even do it right 'cause you in jail right now." Nevertheless, we hope Soulja completes his sentence peacefully with no further issues.