Soulja Boy is not afraid of anybody. He proved that in his interview on The Breakfast Club yesterday morning. Young Drako will call out anybody and everybody on his mission to prove he's the hottest rapper in the game. While his music may not have made the biggest impact in the last year, he made major headlines with his SouljaConsole and SouljaWatch. Now, his name is skyrocketing with the rapper trending across pretty much every platform. His videos are hilarious and that didn't change when Soulja decided to go after Famous Dex.

Much with everybody else, Soulja is taking credit for Famous Dex's entire come-up. He says that he was the first to put him on, accusing the Chicago rapper of signing with Rich The Kid behind his back. On top of that, he says that Dexter called him a few weeks ago, crying about how Rich doesn't pay him. Soulja called Dex a slew of names, mimicking his ad-libs and saying he's a "junkie" and a "crackhead" before his former artist actually called into his Live. 

When Dex appeared on the camera, the two engaged in a major shouting match, trying to outdo the other in who could be the loudest and most menacing. Dexter told Soulja to get off the coke while Drako told his enemy to go and get his chains back. We've got ourselves another classic here. Check it out.