If you're in the rap game and you've ever considered yourself a trendsetter, it's time to get off of your high horse because, in all actuality, Soulja Boy probably started your wave. The 30-year-old rapper has been on a rampage as of late, reminding folks about all he's accomplished as such a decorated artist in the business. Among his claims, Big Draco has claimed to have been the first rapper on YouTube, the first rapper to go viral, the first rapper to eat Fanta Jello, and more. Now, he's asserting himself as the first rapper to ever ice out his G-Shock watch after Kid Cudi showed off his own bedazzled timepiece.

This week, Kid Cudi found his old G-Shock watch and decided to spice it up, taking a trip to the jeweler and getting pink diamonds all over it. The hip-hop icon didn't claim to be the first to have iced out his G-Shock, but Soulja Boy took the opportunity to claim credit for the trend, sharing receipts that he may have been the initiator of this one too.


"I was the first rapper with the iced out g-shock," wrote Draco on Twitter shortly after Kid Cudi's video went viral. If there's one thing about Soulja Boy, you know he's been keeping receipts for the last decade and he's ready to pull them out.


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