Soulja Boy has a few solid tracks that really made a mark in the early 2000s. "Kiss Me Thru The Phone," "Pretty Boy Swag," and "Crank That," has grown to be some classic throwbacks courtesy of Soulja, but does that mean he influenced the new wave of hip-hop? Soulja seems to think so. 

The 28-year-old (who recently released his own tech devices) caught up with Montreality and discussed the new generation of hip-hop and how much he likes the upcoming acts who he says he influenced. "I feel it in my heart, man. It's a beautiful thing. Lot of careers, a lot of money, a lot of sisters, a lot of fans, a lot of new waves, new music, new vibes. That's what it was all about," he said, explaining how he kicked down the doors for others. 

"Just to be the young OG and people coming to me and be like 'Yo Soulja, man, you started this. You put us on, you did this' it feels real good. I'm proud of everybody doin' they thing because I definitely knew it was something real. I like what the young kids is doing, I like the new generation. Shit lit."

Watch his full interview below where he also talks about anime, love and romance and his deepest lyrics.