Soulja Boy recently caused a lot of confusion by announcing that he'd signed a $400 million deal (a report that was later debunked), and he's now surprised fans once again with news that he's dropped each and every artist from his SODMG label. 

"There's no artist signed to SODMG. I dropped them all," he wrote on Twitter today. "I'm starting off the roster new and clean for 2016." Looking at the SODMG website, it's not entirely clear how many artists were currently signed to the label before the change (it's actually a pretty basic Blogspot page), though Wikipedia cites over 25 artists, including on-again off-again collaborator Arab. Rappers RiFF RAFF and Lil B have previously been closely affiliated with the label.

He later tweeted, "thanks for blessing me to see the snakes and remove them from my life. Needed that," which may or may not relate to his decision to clean out his label.

Soulja is preparing to release his new project Better Late Than Never on June 9th. Perhaps we can expect to hear some brand new artists on it?