These days, DeAndre Way is beefing with everybody far and near. Following the release of John Way's diss track, Soulja Boy responded to his younger brother's allegations through a 15-minute Instagram Live session.

"Loyalty before muthafuckin’ royalty. These bitch ass niggas want to go against the grain and lie on a nigga and put my name through the dirt when I’m a real hustler. Real nigga getting money man, these niggas ain’t shit. Fuck these bitchass niggas," he said.

His brother, John Way, dropped a diss track exposing Big Soulja for not caring for his mother still on welfare. He spits that the rapper got run out of the A, rents his cars and his house, lies about sleeping with Rihanna, and got his chain snatched while driving his Bentley.

Check out the videos below.