Call it a bluff all you want, but Soulja Boy is still baiting Famous Dex with open arms, several weeks after their online skirmish descended into chaos. At precisely noon Today, Soulja Boy tweeted, "I can’t wait to see famous dex." It's unclear whether he meant "see you online," or "see in you in the streets," but the underlying message is nevertheless pretty clear: Big Draco wants all the smoke if that wasn't made abundantly clear by the air guns he pointed at the monitor during their live-session.

Let's trace this feud back to its place of origin. Although the Draco chronicles are mazy and hard to follow at times, all signs point to Famous Dex taking offence to Soulja Boy's assertion that he fathered his style. For what it's worth, Famous Dex had every right to be offended, but in Soulja Boy's defence without stirring the pot with an Exhibit A-level specimen, his proclamations were falling on deaf ears. 

And to one's surprise, Soulja's life-affirming mantra of "in this world you either crank that soulja boy or it cranks you" remains pinned to the top of his Twitter feed for public consumption. As for Famous Dex, the window for a rebuttal looms overhead.