Soulja Boy alarmed many of his fans in 2015 when he shared a scary post on his Snapchat saying, "I'm going to die soon. I enjoyed my life." Although he later clarified that he was stressed out and had a lot on his mind, he recently spoke more candidly on mental health in an upcoming episode of Fox Sport's Fair Game. 

Speaking to Kristine Leahy, Soulja Boy spoke candidly on the issue of mental health in suicide, specifically in the entertainment industry. The rapper explained that despite how things look on the outside, you never know exactly what someone's going through behind closed doors. Soulja Boy explained that he felt the death of Mac Miller put a wider spotlight on the subject of mental health and suicide, especially in hip-hop.

“You never know what a person is going through in their head—you just never know," he said "I feel like it’s big now with the passing of Mac Miller, rest in peace Mac Miller who was a good friend of mine. That just showed people like it could happen to anybody. Just because you have fame or money, you’re not immune to negativity and depression and stress.”

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The rapper then recalled Mac Miller reaching out to him a week before his passing, but unfortunately, he never had the chance to DM the Pittsburgh rapper back.

“I just wish like I could’ve just talked to him because like he DM’d me. He reached out to me like a week before that happened and I was just caught up with a lot of work," he said. "Sometimes I don’t get to do certain things that I want ‘cause I gotta go do this interview and I gotta do this and I gotta do that. I just wished that I could have talked to him. I should have talked to him and see what was going on.”