Soulja Boy isn't done harshing Tyga's good name, but not at the cost of losing his grip on reality. In his attempt to emasculate Tyga on the Breakfast Club, Soulja unintentionally entered Travis Scott's name into the discussion, due to his association with Kylie Jenner. As you might recall, Tyga once dated Kylie Jenner, while the Kardashian heiress was but an itsy bitsy spider in her personal development. 

The Breakfast Club hosts were confident Soulja Boy would rise to his feet at the mere suggestion of a "bounce back" year. "Tyga...Tyga...Tyga," Soulja shouted unabashedly, "The n***a who let Travis Scott steal his b*tch?"


That would be the last and only time Soulja Boy ever spoke of Travis Scott or his baby mother over the course of the interview. And to make things even more awkward, Soulja Boy would later recant his statement, one way or another, by suggesting that he "loved" Tyga and was open to working with him in the future, so long as the "comeback" narrative doesn't pop up again.

As for his name-dropping of Travis Scott, Soulja Boy touched on the subject with TMZ in his preferred role as the jester. "I love Travis Scott," he said while walking the streets of NY during his press-run. "He took Tyga's bitch. I love that n***a." Nothing Soulja Boy is currently spewing adds up (to anything of substance), and yet, we can't look away. And for the record, Soulja Boy is all for Travis Scott collecting that "Super Bowl" paycheck amidst the backlash.