Soulja Boy screeching Drake's name will live on as one of the funniest moments on The Breakfast Club. The clip of him yelling "DRAAAAAAAKE?!" turned into a viral meme that managed to work its way onto Saturday Night Live's "Weekend Update" segment. The SNL cast clowned parodied Big Draco's appearance on the Breakfast Club last week. While he was upset by all the rappers that made him viral for his "TYGAA?!" meme, he praised the cast of Saturday Night Live for parodying him.

In the skit, Redd nails his impression of Big Draco as Michael Che asks him his thoughts on Donald Trump. “Trump? TRUMP?! The dude that got bodied by the popular vote?” Redd responded. 

Speaking to Variety, Soulja Boy spoke nothing short of praise for Chris Redd who took on the role of Soulja Boy -- Gucci headband and all. “That s— was dope,” he said. “I loved it! It was amazing. I made it to Saturday Night Live without actually having to be there physically!”

Soulja Boy added that he appreciated that the cast threw out the idea of running for president in 2020.

“They made that up on they own. I never said nothin’ about running for president, but I like the skit a lot though. It was nice," he said.

In other Soulja Boy/Drake-related news, new reports claim that the two have some new music on the way. When we'll hear it remains a mystery but we haven't heard the two on wax since "We Made it."