Soulja Boy is letting bygones be bygones over accusations of plagiarism concerning Ariana Grande's "7 Rings" flow. Get this, Soulja hopes to smooth things over by getting Ariana in the studio for an unprecedented collaboration. 

"It’s devastating," Soulja said at first, upon hearing the similarities that exist between "7 Rings" and his song, "Pretty Boy Swag." "I just feel like she should have reached out and we coulda did this song. She could have got a feature, know what I’m saying? She coulda called me. We could’ve got into the studio and done something ten-times as dope, you know.”

After weeks of letting the issue run idle, Soulja Boy was back to his candid self, when a journalist representing Billboard approached him on the red carper. "It’s all good" Soulja re-elaborated, when asked to comment on his bitterness towards Ariana. "Next time just hit me up Ariana, we can get into the studio. We can make a song together."

What gives you might ask. Well, Soulja Boy has lot to be grateful over. The "Pretty Bog Swag" originator did just sign a new record deal with Warner/Chappell Music, to coincide with the second coming of his career arc as a rapper/entrepreneur. So there's that, forget restitution, Soulja Boy has outlined a gratuitous plan should they try to mend the fence in '19.