Soulja Boy is putting his faith in the Universe, as far as the impending legal threats from Nintendo are concerned. Soulja Boy used the platform he helped push to the frontier in mounting his case against Nintendo following through with legal threats over his SouljaGame console. Soulja tweeted, "for anyone that thinks Nintendo is going to sue me you’re ret*rded. Nothings going to happen everything is legit," before reassuring his core fans that his console wasn't going anywhere, anytime soon.

Next, Soulja Boy read off his resume, starting with the initial record deal he signed with Interscope Records in 2007. The SODMG honcho then listed his other accomplishments in sequential order: four new television deals, an endorsement contract with Fashion Nova, the development of a smartwatch, and the much-publicized SouljaGame consoles, running his tally up to a reported $20 million.

With his back against the wall, Soulja Boy has been busy on social media refuting the falsehoods that have come his way, including the insinuation he has garnered $5 million in sales in the early going of his SouljaGame product release. As he prepares for the worst with his chin in the air, the rumors continue to swirl over an impending lawsuit from the Nintendo corporation over Third Party Copyright Infringement.