It's difficult to keep track of how many rappers have been romantically involved with Blac Chyna. That's not a knock on her either. Obviously, she's got something that a large number of people are attracted to. Sometimes, her statements can be a little wonky (see here) but for the most part, you've got to respect the fact that she branded herself into a successful business. The woman has strived financially for years and while she may have difficulty locking down a potential partner, she doesn't seem to care in the least bit. Her most recent exploit was Soulja Boy. It has been reported that their relationship was built solely on the fact that they both wanted to troll Tyga. With that said, they recently broke up and Big Draco revealed his true intentions behind hooking up with the former stripper.

Mark Davis/Getty Images

The rapper took to Twitter to offer an explanation as to why he was spending time with Blac Chyna, telling his fans that he just wanted to understand the hype. "I just wanted to see what the pussy felt like," responded Soulja Boy to a TMZ article on their split. The couple only stuck together for a few weeks, calling it quits when Soulja started scrolling through his list of Instagram models.

Now, Draco is professing his love for Tiona Fernan, keeping her in his social bio and sharing her photos on his own account. Are you cutting Soulja some slack after his explanation?