A couple days ago news hit the Web that real soldiers were angry with Soulja Boy over his “Let’s Be Real” track, which ended up on the Internet. The New York Daily News is now reporting the U.S. military has announced an official ban on the rapper.

TMZ first reported the United States Department of Defense’s Army and Air Force Exchange Service was seeking to ban the Atlanta rapper’s upcoming album Respect My Hustle, if the controversial song is on the album when released.

The government does not like the lyrics, "F--k the FBI and the army troops ... fighting for what?" The ban would essentially lock the 21-year-old out of over 3,000 stores operated by the military.

While the song is being removed from every corner of the Internet and Soulja Boy apologized with his rep telling TMZ the song was foolishly posted on the Web, the rapper is going a step further by also offering free performances to the soldiers.