Actavis announced last week that they would be taking their promethazine-codeine cough syrup off the shelves, citing the "unlawful and dangerous use" of the product as the reasoning behind it. Seeing that rappers are constantly promoting the recreational use of the medication in their raps (generally as part of the syrup-fueled concoction, "lean"), their reasoning made sense, but rappers have been pretty divided in their stance on the discontinuation.ร‚ย 

Lil Boosie, who has had a few close calls with the drug, is glad to see Actavis off the market, while Soulja Boy is less than enthused about the shortage.

Shortly after the announcement, Soulja Instagrammed several bottles of the syrup, indicating that he was stocked up in case of an emergency like this.

However, he now seems a little more worried, telling TMZ he'sร‚ย "mad as hell" about the production halt.ร‚ย "Actavis is running away from money ... they could be selling out everywhere," he said, claiming his primary use of the medication is to help him sleep on the road.

He then revealed he'll be starting a petition to the get the product back on the market, expressing his loyalty to the medicine,ร‚ย "As far as the lean goes, just know I been had the juice since 2011."