The feud between Soulja Boy and Tyga has turned out to be pretty playful. At first, we were all surprised to hear Soulja Boy claim that he had a bigger comeback than T-Raw, who had released a few effective records last year. Then, Soulja continued his troll campaign by going after Kanye West, Drake, 6ix9ine, me, you, and everyone else. At this point, it's become pretty exciting to watch his videos, seeing who he'll son next. He kept the same target last night, going after Tyga after the Californian decided to compare their streaming numbers. As his rebuttal, Big Drako brought the receipts along to prove that he was the one to put Tyga on initially.

In his Breakfast Club interview yesterday, Soulja Boy introduced some evidence that Drake was influenced by one of his bars, copying the flow word for word. He also took responsibility for putting on every single new-age rapper in the game, paving the way for artists to use social media as a means to make money. Drako hit back at Tyga with a screenshot from his "She Got A Donk" music video in 2009, posing next to a younger Tyga in the clip. He's using it as proof that instead of going up against him, Tyga should be thanking Soulja for giving him a chance.

We can't even front, most of the stuff that Soulja is saying actually comes with some truth attached to it. What do you think?