Soulja Boy is a sort of polarizing figure as fans seem to fully embrace the artist, or attack his music and practices, but there is no denying the young artist’s hustle as he is always involved in a project that’s seeing him get money and continues to drop new music.   

In a recent interview with Complex, Soulja talked about what’s next on his busy agenda music-wise, and he confirms that he has produced tracks for Lil Wayne’s I Am Not A Human Being II, and a couple records for Wiz Khalifa. 

He then goes onto clarify his position with Interscope saying that he fulfilled his contractual obligation with them, but still brings them certain projects he feels is a good fit.  For the time being he is a free agent, who still has associations with the label, and he debunks rumors that he was “dropped.”

Check out excerpts from the interview below.


What’s happening next with your music?

Well, I record everyday. I’m in the studio everyday. Next month, you got Lil Wayne's I Am Not A Human Being 2. I made that album, as far as production.

You’re producing on Lil Wayne’s album?

Yeah, I made a couple beats on that album. The paperwork’s already done. I made the album. I’ve been paid for it. It’s going to be dope once that record releases. I got a feature on there, me and Wayne rapping on one song. And then I got a beat on there that I produced, that they paid me for. Then I produced a couple joints for Wiz. After that, I’m looking to drop USA Dre in March 2013.

Is that something that you would release independently or with Interscope?

If I would release it as an album, I probably would take it to Interscope. I probably would package it, and maybe just create the whole album and then sell it. I’d sell it to them. I’ve done stuff like that in the past where I’ve sold music videos to Interscope or I sold singles to Interscope and let them put it out there. So I just gotta see how the flow of things go, how hot I get, how many people tune in. I gotta go with the flow.

What’s your relationship like with Interscope, as an artist? Because you said you've sold singles to them. Are you technically not on the roster?

My relationship with Interscope right now is like, they're waiting for me to come up with something crazy. They’re waiting for me to come up with a new single. Or—the way I always do it—I come to them and I present a project to them and we do the paperwork. I’m in a position right now where I can go do whatever I want to do. I can go and sell them an album. I could go and sell them a single. Or I could damn near release an album independently and get however much money I want to get off of it. I’m kind of like a young CEO businessman, like when Jay-Z was doing Rocafella. So right now, I’m in a nice position. I just got to play my cards right.

With all that in mind, there are things out there like, "Soulja Boy got dropped from Interscope." Where do you stand on that? Are you on the label? Did you get dropped?

No, it wasn’t nothing like, "Soulja Boy got dropped from Interscope." It was just, my contract was up. The duration of albums that I signed with them, I’ve delivered what I had to deliver. So it’s like, right now, I got the option to go back and re-do my contract and re-do my budget, and re-do all that. Or I could just go with any other label. I got options right now. It wasn’t a thing where, "Oh, Soulja Boy got dropped from the label." It was a thing where, "Oh, Soulja Boy’s contract was up," and which direction do I want to take it to now?