Looks like Soulja Boy isn't ready to call it quits on his cold war of words with Chris Brown. TMZ reports the Mississippi rapper was onstage in Minneapolis when he went on a tirade about C-Breezy, dissing the singer to no end.

"I told that bitch ass nigga, 'let's get in a boxing ring bitch ass nigga,'" Big Soulja said, speaking to his fans between two songs.

Wearing big gold chains with his jeans so low everybody in the audience could see his drawers, the "Draco" rapper used a high-pitched voice to imitate Brown consenting to their boxing bout that never happened. While the crowd cheered him on, DeAndre Way explained how the "Party" singer backed out of the fight.

"I was gonna knock Chris Brown's bitch out," he shouted, pumping his fans already going wild. "Ya'll know what the fuck going on. He scared I'm gonna hit his ass with that Superman punch."

As speakers blasted, he played the crowd favorite "Crank Dat" for his loyal followers. Meanwhile, Chris Brown has bigger fish to fry. He will reportedly be in court Thursday to fight a permanent restraining order his ex Karrueche Tran wants to have imposed on him.