Soulja Boy’s rise to the top of the rap game was meteoric for the then 16 year old after releasing the insanely successful “Crank That (Soulja Boy)” record.  Five years later, Soulja feels he’s matured and you can hear it in his music. 

When talking to SkeeTV about the upcoming release of his fourth studio album Promise, he said, “[the] album gonna sound like a whole new Soulja Boy...[there has been] growth and maturity in my music”. 

He was asked why he’s decided to release so many mixtapes, and free tracks on the internet.  Soulja said it’s the immediacy of the internet, and being able to drop his thoughts on a track and release it to fans quickly, and he doesn’t have to worry about creating music with radio play in mind.  “Certain things I wanted to say”, Soulja Boy added,   “every time I drop, it ain’t gotta be a radio-friendly’s faster, you heard what I had to say *BAM * it’s over”.

In regards to the album’s release date, he said “[I’m] looking to drop it this winter”.  Features on the album include Waka Flocka, Game, Detail, and DJ Khaled. 

The rapper has some projects outside of music coming up including starring in a film, and even releasing his own Soulja Boy branded video game.