On Friday, TMZ reported that Soulja Boy was on the verge of being evicted from a Los Angeles house he was renting. In an email to HNHH, a Soulja Boy rep called the report "wildly inaccurate" and explained that Soulja has nothing to do with the unpaid rent.

"The property mentioned in the article was leased by Soulja Boy’s business partner, businessman and up-coming recording artist Possible Philly,” the rep wrote. “Soulja Boy has nothing to do with the rental agreement and subsequently his name should not have been included in any accounts related to the property.”

The rep clarified that the house is primarily used as a base for Chosen Dream, an apparel company Soulja runs with Philly, and emphasized that Soulja Boy is not broke.

"Soulja Boy is NOT currently experiencing any financial hardships," the rep explained. "he was in Hong Kong a few days ago for a booking at Volar nightclub and his booking fee more than covers several consecutive rental payments at the aforementioned property. Soulja Boy is currently in high demand with several high-paying international booking requests presently on the table."