Soulja Boy is on his comeback tour with a vengeance. The rapper's been demanding the credit and respect he rightfully deserves for his contributions to the culture. Over the past few weeks, Soulja Boy's made a strong case for why he's one of the best A&R's in the rap game. Most recently, he told Big Boy that he's responsible for the 2017 collaborative effort from Travis Scott and Quavo.

Isaac Brekken/Getty Images 

Soulja Boy's been making his rounds through all the major hip-hop media outlets recently including L.A.'s Big Boy Neighborhood. Big Draco reminded the host, and everyone else, that Travis Scott and Quavo's joint project, Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho wouldn't have even come into fruition if it weren't for him.

"The hottest group in the game right now -- the Migos -- I was the first artist in L.A. to rock with them," he said. "Quavo met Travis Scott at my house. Quavo didn't know who Travis Scott was. He was like, 'Who's this little weird n***a is on the couch?'  I'm like 'boy, that's Kanye West artist. You better get in tune. That's Travis Scott.' Fast forward to today we got Huncho Cactus Jack—whatever collab album. That wouldn't had happened without me!"

Soulja Boy previously made these claims on his track "Beef" which was a diss track directed towards Migos. The rapper claims he not only introduced Quavo to Travis Scott, but also to Sean Kingston