As they say, if you can invent a dance, you can invent a game console. The notorious Soulja Boy recently became the first rapper to dip his toes in the untapped market of gaming, springing the official "SouljaGame" console upon the unsuspecting world at large. Though many immediately took to ridiculing the device, others respected the rapper's gumption in attempting such a bold product launch. Still, many questions arose, still persisting as we speak. Is Soulja meaning to compete with Nintendo's handheld market? Are we to expect a Soulja Smash Bros in the future, in which all playable characters are different variants of Tellem?

The rapper slash businessman took to Twitter to reveal a detailed diagram of the console's skin and bones, as it were. In the same breadth, Soulja proudly revealed he had made $250,000 off his console in fewer than 24 hours. Yet the folks at Games Radar were unconvinced and put on the detective hats accordingly. Apparently, the console variant comes with 800 built-in games, including titles from PlayStation, Neo Geo, PC,SEGA , Game Boy Advance, and NES. The handheld variant is said to come with titles from Nintendo Switch, 3DS, PS Vita, Neo Geo, Game Boy Color, Game Boy, and Game Boy Advance.

Yet, as Games Radar points out, the console's manufacturer Anbernic (who retails via Aliexpress) is selling a suspiciously similar product via their website, for markedly cheaper at that; likewise for the handheld version. As of now, it's not clear whether or not Soulja Boy struck a deal to simply rebrand Anbernic's existing product, or if Soulja Boy is engaging in a little bit of the ol' cop-and-resell. In any case, Soulja Boy's hustle continues, and there doesn't seem to be much anybody can do to stop it.