A new season of Everyday Struggle kicked off, and it didn't take long before Soulja Boy joined the fray. Off the jump, Soulja wastes little time in solidifying his position as Akademik's proverbial father, claiming he's the reason Ak is where he is today. "I'm the reason Akademiks sitting here," says Soulja. "When I was beefing with Chris Brown & Migos, this n***a made like 20, 30 videos on me in one day! Two days! I'm the first biggest rapper to shout this n***a out, before me nobody respected Akademiks in the rap game. I know all the rappers." Citing the time Ak tried to paint him as a perennial Air B&B lodger, Soulja claimed his "Fuck Akademiks" moment was the inciting incident leading to Akademik's Complex position. 

Akademiks continues to attempt poking holes in Soulja's narrative, but the confident rapper continues to fact-check accordingly. Claiming his "first artist on YouTube" honor remains grounded in reality, Soulja reflects on a time when "Crank Dat" ushered in a new order of groundbreaking internet marketing. "I'm the reason Lil Pump exists," boasts Soulja. "I'm the reason Migos is on." The list goes on, and before long, his list of rap game "sons" extends longer than Nicki Minaj's. He also claims "paternity" over Famous Dex, the man with whom recent animosity has boiled over. He proceeds to explain that Tadoe requested Soulja Boy extend his timeless generosity to an aspiring Famous Dex, a request he proceeded to honor.

In truth, those who experienced the rise of Soulja Boy will no doubt attest to his position as a misunderstood pioneer. Perhaps there is a legitimate claim to his recent onslaught of headline-worthy braggadocio. Yah?