Soulja Boy regained national exposure when he called out Tyga and Drake in two viral rants that were viewed across the country. Since his appearance on The Breakfast Club, the "Crank That" rapper has become a meme a full decade after he first became prominent. Young Draco can be credited for many of the tactics that musicians have to use these days. For instance, the use of social media to gain exposure was basically jumpstarted by Soulja. Nobody is denying the influence that he has had in hip-hop. Now that he's tackled Drake and Tyga, he's aiming his bullets at Kanye West, checking on him as the "hottest rapper out."

There has been a major buzz around Draco's name for the last month. Nobody would have expected that after such a long time battling back to the top, he would find himself in this position in 2019. Soulja tweeted Kanye West, who he previously took some shots at during an interview for his Yeezy shoes and obsession with comparing himself to Walt Disney. "Somebody call and check on kanye he been super quiet ever since my comeback," wrote the artist. He followed up in a separate tweet, saying, "You good fam? @kanyewest you mad quiet out here tweet something let me know you straight. I'm the hottest rapper now you all cap."

If Kanye does end up responding, it will be in a few months time once he's had time to process everything. That's what happened with Drake but we're fairly certain he won't entertain Soulja's messages.