Soulja Boy is probably the most beef prone rapper in the game and it is obvious why in his new interview with In the eight minute video segment, the Draco rapper throws shade on Kanye West, Bape and Chris Brown within the first two minutes.

In addition to saying that Bape would sell "100 million" times better if he were in charge, Soulja gave the following questionable statements regarding his swag and Kanye West.

They say I got the most swag in the rap game though like, I don't really see nobody that be fresher than me like... I know they be on Kanye dick and shit but I don't know like, I feel like I got more swag than everybody though you feel me, so... Because I am younger, you see what I'm saying, he old. I'm like 20, how old I am, like 26, that's young. The youth, the youth run fashion. Burberry, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Bape, Fendi, ahh Mason Margiela, Buscemi, MCM backpack, MCM toys, MCM keychains, you know what I am saying I should just be the creative designer at Bape though, you know what I am saying, some shit like that. I'd turn that shit up we would do 100 million plus sales if Soulja Boy was running shit, forsure forsure.

Soulja boy also says he is going to knock Chris Brown out along with a thousand other wild claims and accusations that you can watch the full clip below.

Who knows, maybe Kanye will throw his hat into the ring after catching wind of Soulja Boy's comments.