Soulja Boy has pleaded "no contest" to felony guns charges stemming from a December police raid which led to his arrest. The rapper, who was facing up to 4 years of jail time, will serve 5 years of probation and 240 days of community labor, according to TMZ. Under the conditions of the probation, Soulja will not be able to possess any deadly weapons or replicas, including toy guns.

The rapper will be able to travel internationally for reasons related to his career. However, he will have to clear any trips with his probation officer.

In January, it was reported that the weapons found in Soulja's house included a Mini Draco AR-15 and another gun that was said to be stolen from a cop car. Police raided the rapper's house after receiving a Crime Stoppers tip related to threats Soulja was making online. The weapons in his house violated his probation at the the time (not to mention, possession of an assault weapon like the Draco is entirely illegal in California).