Soulja Boy's made his way back on everyone's radar in 2018. Not for music, but for his latest venture into the tech world. The rapper launched his own video game, Soulja Game Console, among other items like smartwatches and headphones. While the rapper's game console faced legal threats from Nintendo, he's still optimistic about the future of his tech empire. The rapper launched a few new items on his website today, but oddly enough, he was asking for CashApp donations moments before.

Maury Phillips/Getty Images

Ahead of announcing the SouljaGame handheld, Souljaboard, the new SouljaWatch and a new set of headphones, Soulja Boy took to Twitter to ask his fans for a CashApp donation. The rapper said that he'll be giving away a Free SouljaWatch and SouljaConsole to a "random donator with the largest donation."

"All my fans send me something," he wrote on Twitter. "I will pick a random donator who sends the largest donation and give you a free SouljaWatch and SouljaConsole tweet me when your done!"

A lot of rappers have been on the CashApp wave, but the majority of them have sent out cash, not requested it. Following the release of Astroworld, Travis Scott gave away $100K to his fans on the app with fans receiving anywhere between $50 to $1000. However, Soulja Boy has been promoting Cash App for a minute now and even bragging about the platform on his track, "Bitcoin."