Kanye West recently confirmed that, due to the beef between Apple and Tidal, there will not be a Watch the Throne 2 from him and Jay Z. On the subject of collaborative projects, though, Soulja Boy and Bow Wow have revealed that they will be dropping a joint album called Ignorant Shit on Tuesday (Oct. 25). 

Both Bow Wow and Soulja have posted about Ignorant Shit on their Instagrams. And both artists have shared audio snippets off the project as well. One of the tracks is called "Soulja Got Me Leanin." Bow Wow has warned that "broke hating mufuckas" probably won't understand the music. 

A couple of months ago, Bow Wow announced his plans to retire by his 30th birthday, also promising that he would release one more album before that day -- March 9, 2017. He revealed that the album, entitled NYLTH, would be produced by Snoop Dogg. That suggests his new project with Soulja Boy materialized just recently. He hasn't given an update on NYLTH, though upon announcing Ignorant Shit on Twitter, Bow Wow told his fans that his next project would not be NYLTH but, instead, Underrated, an album he's been working on for eight years.  

Bow Wow and Soulja have been longtime acquaintances, first collaborating on "Marco Polo" in 2008. The next year, they entered into a beef that mostly consisted of them claiming to be richer than one another via a series back-and-forth YouTube diss videos. 

Check back here on Tuesday for Ignorant Shit. The album will be available on iTunes and Apple Music.