The "Crank Dat" rapper best known these days for beefing with the rap world, shared a baby sonogram Tuesday and declared he was "going to be a father soon." Some people then accused him of making it up, saying that anyone can find the exact same photo on Google Image Search.

As accusations came piling in, Soulja Boy deleted the sonogram off his IG account with no further explanation. Twitter, of course, let him have it for apparently trolling them for the umpteenth time. The "Hit Em With The Draco" rapper said he's "training every day" with Evander Holyfield in view of his upcoming boxing match with Chris Brown. Yet, at this point, Soulja just sounds like the boy who cried wolf. 

Many fans are champing at the bit for this boxing match, some losing faith that it will ever happen. No doubt, they are waiting for Chris Brown to comment on these recent developments.