Soulja Boy's  Bentley doesn't seem to be very lucky, or Soulja doesn't really know how to drive it. In September, we reported on a lawsuit Soulja was facing because of a car crash involving his Bentley, which he denied he was driving at the time, but then later admitted to it. The victims of the crash were suing him for medical expenses among other things. Now, Soulja Boy's Bentley finds itself in a similar situation. 

The rapper's car was reportedly impounded, after the cops figured out that Soulja was driving the Bentley when he t-boned a motorcyclist on January 9th. As TMZ reports, the biker was left seriously injured, while the driver of the Bentley fled the scene of the crime.

After a witness, who also happened to be a friend of the victim, did a little digging to find out who the driver was, he struck gold with at Roscoe's House of Chicken and Waffles. The valet told him he knew the car well, it belonged to Soulja Boy. 

After the witness brought his information to the cops, the cops were able to run Soulja Boy's license plate number through their system and found a bunch of photos (apparently there are hidden cameras placed all around L.A. which take photos of cars and are compiled into a super-database) of Soulja's Bentley with damage that corresponded to the accident.

Soulja Boy's Bentley is currently damage-free, however, the police assume he got his car fixed after the incident. The police got a search warrant, and a judge agreed with them that there was probable cause that the rapper's Bentley was involved in the accident, and so his car was impounded.

We'll update you more as this story unfolds.

[UPDATE: New details come in concerning the hit-and-run involving Soulja Boy's Bentley. An arrest was made.]

The mystery of the hit-and-run involving what cops think was Soulja Boy's Bentley and a motorcyclist has been uncovered. Although the car involved in the accident, which took place on January 9th in L.A., belonged to Soulja, he was apparently not the man behind the wheel at the time.

TMZ reports that an arrest was made for another rapper, named Abrahim Mustafa aka Arab, who is apprently affiliated with Soulja. He was arrested for a felony hit-and-run. On the day of the accident, the Bentley made an illegal turn, thus colliding with the motorcycle and leaving the motorcyclist severly injured.

Nonetheless, the police are still looking to talk to Soulja Boy.