Playstation fans have largely settled into their long-established habits by now, so don't expect change to come so easily. It's simple, really. The iconic buttons are made up of Square, Circle, Triangle, and X. Yes, X, the deviation from the ongoing shape pattern, and yet it feels so right. It's become common knowledge at this point, and anyone who doesn't refer to the southernmost button as X is liable to catch a dubious glare. And yet here comes Sony UK to rain on our parades.

By now, you might have heard the game-changing tidings. X is not, as a matter of a fact, X. X is actually "Cross." Yes, the childhood rules you have come to establish within the very nature of your being has been shattered. Perhaps a new generation of uninitiated children will grow up free to refer to "Cross" freely, but not us. At this stage, it would be akin to calling your friend by a different nickname fifteen years deep into your relationship. Some things are simply not meant to be.

If it wasn't bad enough, they decided to be extra cheeky about the whole ordeal. "What are you calling Circle?" they ask. In response, PlayStation actually slid through with their own related poll, revealing that a staggering majority of gamers prefer "X," as well they should. You know what they say, after all. Cross marks the spot.