Sonny Digital - Go

  April 10, 2016 22:42
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Sonny Digital is back with a new self-produced anthem: "Go."

Sonny Digital is back with another self-produced track. "Go" is Sonny's third new rap song in the past month, following "50 On My Wrist" and "EveryDay," on which he handed production duties over to Mathaius Young. "Go" is a surprising new look for Sonny, as it's not so much a trap song, but instead, a sample-heavy anthem that demands to be played in a stadium setting. 

The record gets more inspiring as it builds, and it finds Sonny exercising a flow that's melodic but also untampered with. Over the course of "Go," he mentions getting stopped by TSA before a trip to China as well as his intent to pay off "them court fees for all my minorities." Dude keeps getting better and better on the mic. 

Quotable Lyrics 

Every diamond on me glowin'
Everybody's fuckin' knowin' 
Yeah them hundreds what we blowin'
Money fallin' like it's snowin'




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