Last week, Paramount Pictures finally revealed the first trailer to the highly anticipated film Sonic the Hedgehog. The movie first teased its release when a photo of Jim Carrey sporting a new look to blend into the supervillain character "Robotnik" surfaced on the web. Since then, fans have eagerly awaited to see the movie and its biggest character, "Sonic." Upon the trailer's immediate release, a wave of reactions ensued and the majority were mostly unfavorable. While fans kept mixed feelings about the overall movie's potential, a significant majority were unsatisfied with the design of the speedy blue hedgehog. 

The internet's negative reaction centered around the hedgehog's lengthy legs and overall strange allure which to fans completely differed from their childhood hero. As such, Jeff Howler, the movie's director, has spoken out to the hate by announcing the hedgehog's appearance would be completely redesigned. Indeed, the creative went onto affirming that both Paramount Pictures and Sega teams were adamant on delivering the best possible "Sonic" there can be. Hence, back to the drawing board for the movers and shakers behind the upcoming flick.

Considering the movie's release was set for November 9th, we hope they can make the changes on time.