A new poster for the Sonic The Hedgehog movie was leaked recently and longtime fans of the video game franchise went nuts a the anthropomorphized version of Sonic and his muscular legs. One Twitter user referred to the new Sonic as a "muscular child," as he is still short like the original video game Sonic, but with the pipes of a dude for whom every day is leg day. Although no one pointed out that to run so fast, Sonic must have a muscle or two, the makers of the film got right into the thick of the controversy, letting it drip right of their backs with a funny response, even retweeting some of the critical memes:

The movie is set to release in November of next year and, is at stands there's still no trailer, just the leaked poster that's being made fun of so much and another poster from Parmount's Instagram where the boast the the new Sonic is brought to us by the same people as Deadpool and The Fast & The Furious: