Earlier this week, a jail ID of Chris Brown's apparently popped up online with a hefty price tag. It wasn't the price that caught Brown's lawyer Mark Geragos' attention, but the fact that the photo identification had somehow made its way out of police custody, where it belonged.

According to TMZ, the ID came from San Bernardino County Jail, a facility which Chris did not actually spend more than a couple of days, but happened to be a stop along the way to his Washington D.C. hearing in April (as Chris was incarcerated at the time, he made he spent nights at various jails on the way to his court date).

San Bernardino Sheriff's Dept. launched an investigation, and eventually found the seller. Authorities confiscated the ID, and questioned the man, who claimed that the card had been passed through a couple of friends before making its way to him. There's been no confirmation on how the ID made it's way out of police custody, or whether a crime was committed in obtaining it.