A few days back the internet was going wild when it was reported that Ariana Grande was paid two times more than Beyonce for her headlining Coachella set. The disappointing rumor thankfully got debunked after a few publications got word that both performers were paid the same - "$4 million for the first weekend and another $4 million for the second."

It seems as though some Beyonce fans either never got the word about the debunked report or simply don't believe it since Ariana had a lemon thrown her way during her Sunday Coachella performance - really. In the clip below, you can see Ariana making her way around the stage when a whole lemon hits her on her chest and drops on the stage. Of course, Ariana didn't let the fruit disrupt her performance and kept going strong 

The lemon is significant since it was the name of Beyonce's last visual album, a clear sign that the lemon-thrower is clearly a part of the Beyhive and wasn't down for the idea of Ariana getting paid more than the "Love On Top" music maker.  

As for the internet, check out some of the reaction below.