Even though it’s been over a week since the Grammy Awards, many people are still reeling from Beyonce being snubbed for Album of the Year again – this time by Adele. The broken Grammy gesture is nice, but it’s not enough for Beyonce’s biggest supporters. That’s where Lemonade Rage comes in.

Inspired by 8-bit side scrolling arcade games, Lemonade Rage takes its inspiration from Beyonce’s “Hold Up” video where she’s smashing everything in site. Beyonce wears her iconic yellow dress and an 8-bit version of “Hold Up” plays in the background as you guide Bey past haters and piles of poop while smashing cars, fire hydrants and “good hair” ads. The goal is to get enough lemons to make lemonade, but it gets more difficult the longer you play.

The game was created as a side project by Joe Laquite, Justin Au, Line Johnsen and Colby Spear. This writer was able to put down a score of 445, what’s your best? Play the game here.