The ubiquity of the “Crying Jordan” meme has been well-documented, and it doesn’t seem to be phasing out of internet vernacular anytime soon. If anything, it’s only getting bigger, and this Air Jordan custom sneaker is proof. The Crying Jordan meme has transcended from digital to IRL.

The custom sneakers were created by CryingKicks, a two friends in the ad industry. They don’t make any major changes to the upper, which uses the Air Jordan Playoff 8 as the base. Instead, they focus their attention on the tongue and sole, which see the Jumpan logo replaced with a Crying Jordan patch. The insoles are a super nice touch, and these shoes will forever go down as the Crying Jordan 8s.

At this rate, Jordan Brand might have to acknowledge that the Crying Jordan face is almost as recognizable as the iconic Jumpman itself. Our only question is, if there’s only one pair of customs which of the creators gets to wear them?