Usher is the latest celebrity to be involved in a sex tape scandal. It seems things have finally quieted down for Iggy Azalea, who recently had a sex tape of her own threaten to surface. Now Usher finds himself in a similar situation, with a tape from Ursh's past possibly coming back to haunt him.

TMZ reports that Usher recorded a sex tape with his estranged wife Tameka Harris. This tape was apparently on one of Usher's laptops that got stolen out of his car back in 2010, along with some other electronic devices. When the laptop was first stolen in 2010, someone did attempt selling it at the time but with no luck. Now it seems the person (or a different person) is trying to shop it around once more. The seller is apparently not going to adult film companies because they would never be able to get Usher to agree to it, so instead they're going to blogs.

Usher's lawyer is reportedly hunting down whoever is trying to sell it. We'll update you with any new developments.