When Wu-Tang Clan announced they were releasing an album as a single copy, it left us confused. When we found out no one but the purchaser would be able to hear it for at least 88 years, it made us more confused. Now, possibly the most confusing news yet has arrived, someone has paid millions of dollars for this mysterious album.

No real details have been released on the sale, other than it came from a "private American collector" and the price was in the "millions". 

On top of the "the hand-carved nickel silver box," "leather-bound book containing the album’s lyrics," and the music itself, a new addition was made to the package, being "a pair of customized PMC MB2-XBD speakers worth $55,000, included after consultation with PMC."

The last element certainly drives the price of the deal up, but we're still not completely sure it's worth millions of dollars. Then again, if it's as good as 36 Chambers, and we had the money, we'd probably shell out.