Love & Hip Hop former cast member and rapper Solo Lucci ended his Cinco De Mayo on a bad note. Following a celebration with friends, the rapper was publicly arrested by Atlanta police while dining out. For the moment, no details have been released regarding as to why the rapper was arrested, but the public ordeal may hint to trouble ahead. Perhaps Lucci is set to return to Love & Hip Hop Hollywood and may discuss the incident, but for now, nothing is known. 

In the video posted by TheShadeRoom, we see two police officers arresting Solo Lucci as he appears to be arguing with one of them. A slight resist from the rapper may reveal he was just as surprised by the arrest. The two police officers wrap the handcuffs around Lucci's hands before escorting him away. A bystander shot the video of the incident, which evidently must have ruined Lucci's Cinco De Mayo celebrations for certain. 

The latest news from Solo Lucci surrounded his issued apology to reality television star, Alexis Skyy. Animosity grew between the two after Lucci reported to be the father of Alexis' daughter and not Fetty Wap. The two have since buried the hatchet.