Solange has officially opened up more than she ever has before about the recording process of her second album that she's creating in the beautiful island that is Jamaica. The 31-year-old's last project was the beloved tape A Seat at the Table and in her Dazed Magazine feature, she explains how she's having difficulty recording a new track “Where Do We Go From Here.”

"I have re-recorded [the lyrics] over like, four times," she tells the publication. "I am feeling insecure about not enunciating my words clearly enough for people to understand the lyrics."

Her feature for the publication is more of a full-on diary entry more than a structured interview, but nonetheless, we get a more tuned in understanding of where she's at with her upcoming album, that has yet to have a name. "My demo names are always a trip and have little to do with the songs," she writes. "This album, I might keep a few of them as real titles. We listen to a jam none of us even remember we made in the wee hours and wonder if it's too esoteric. Then I wonder if Stevie Wonder would like it. If he happens to like it, I won’t worry so much about its life."

Read her full feature here.