Solange Releases One Video For Both "Things I Imagined" & "Down With The Clique"

Solange is here with another one.

Solange has been keeping her fans quite happy with the number of videos she's been dropping off since the release of her latest album When I get Home. We've been lucky enough to have received visuals for "Binz," "Way To The Show," "Almeda" and now we have one video for both tracks "Things That I Imagined" and "Down with the Clique."

This new offering is more laid back visually compared to her other ones, with us seeing city landscapes, Black cowboys (as always) and a gorgeous landscape shot of choreographers meeting on a secluded field in an oval, open auditorium. Moments in the video takes us back to her 2016 "Don't Touch My Hair" video. 

“I had a fucking blast creating this album! I really wanted to create a space for joy and expression. My last record was deeply personal, but it was no secret that I was working through a lot of shit," Solange previously stated when discussing her tape. "I was carrying a lot of weight and even though that’s something that doesn’t go away, I also feel like a lot of answers felt more inward this time and not outward. A Seat At The Table was composition, a thesis, and a healing experience, but I couldn’t ask the world to be involved in the answers I needed for this project. I just needed to live in it.”

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MUSIC VIDEOS Solange Releases One Video For Both "Things I Imagined" & "Down With The Clique"